By Sheila Weinstock


The 28th annual Pauline Betz Addie Cup competition was held recently at the Longwood Cricket Club, in Brookline, Massachusetts, May 29th and 30th.  The Addie Cup is a senior women’s sectional tennis competition between the following USTA sections: New England, Middle States, Mid-Atlantic and Eastern. The teams are comprised of women from 40 to 70+ years. This year the New England team was the winner of the Addie Cup for only the third time in the 28 year history of the competition!


Molly Hahn was the captain of the winning New England team and put together a very strong group of players with at least one team member from every New England state. In addition to the geographical representation, every team player won at least one match during the two day competition. Members of the team were: in the 40’s- Aileen Eleey, Kathy Cahill, Judy Van Raalte, Michelle Wright, Pam Dodman, Ann Knoblock; in the 50’s–Jean Osachuk, Sue Bushman, Mary Mayotte, Paula Cioffi, Brenda Schafer, plus injured players/coaches Trisha Judge and Norma Taylor; in the 60’s - Molly Hahn, Lee Delfausse, Sheila Weinstock, Allyson  Bolduc, Irene Graham; in the 70’s  – Jessie Von Hippel, Ann Murphy, Judy Smith, Esther Williams. Assistants were Sabine Schwarzer and Justine Butler, with Bernadette Lehmann as the trainer for the team.


New England fielded an extremely strong team and defeated Eastern the first day by a score of 13 – 6 while Mid-Atlantic defeated Middle States 12-7.  New England went on to win the cup by defeating Mid-Atlantic, also by a score of 13 – 6, and Eastern finished third with a 12-7 victory over Middle States.  New England’s wins were especially significant, as Mid-Atlantic has won the cup 12 times, and Eastern has won it 13 times.


Adding to the high caliber of matches was the beautiful venue of the Longwood Cricket Club and the gorgeous weather that prevailed over the two days.


All of the members of the New England team want to thank the Longwood Cricket Club, the support of  USTA New England and the NESTF for making New England’s hosting of the 28th Addie Cup a most memorable event.


You can find an interesting history of the Addie Cup by clicking here.



The 2008 NE Addie Cup Team