2011 ADDIE CUP held May 19 & 20 in Wilmington, Delaware

by Judy Smith

For the 5th year in a row, Molly Hahn assembled, coached and inspired another winning New England Addie Cup team.  After an 11-7 win over Mid-Atlantic the team played Middle States in a tense, nail-biting final, winning 10-9.


Indoors, in rain-soaked Delaware, our injured and resourceful team competed valiantly treating the rapt audience to 3 final match tie-breakers all played at the same time and determining the outcome. Molly Hahn and Lee Delfausse, Allyson Bolduc and Mary Mayotte, and Nancy Grimes with Sue Benoit were our competitors extraordinaire - netting the required 2 out of 3 wins – sending the Addie Cup back to New England again.


This event will long be remembered for the spirit, cohesiveness, camaraderie and sportsmanship of each team member not only to their age group team but to the team as a whole.   Our 40s team welcomed new comers Nancy Grimes, Sue Benoit and Christine Chiminello.  Their combined energy and engagement with the team were infectious.  They were joined by veterans Michelle Wright and Aileen Eleey.  Aileen even played with stitches in her right hand finger which ultimately became infected. 


The 50s team also welcomed new comer Johanna Bickford who had a decisive singles win even though she turned her ankle and was  hardly able to walk the last few games.  And after an easy first day doubles match Ann Knoblock had to retire with a pulled calf muscle while leading in her second day’s singles match. Likewise Tiina Bougas-Smith who joined the team after many years, was forced to retire from her match with a very swollen knee.  This was a true blow to the team since the original 50s roster was undeniably the strongest of any team and rarely gives up a single match.  It is safe to say that Molly was now worried.  However, Jeanne Hulsen posted her second singles win and we al were ecstatic when Jean Osachuk added a gutsy singles win, despite a sore knee, to even the score 6-6 following the singles matches.  Jeanne and Jean teamed together to uphold New England’s dominance at first doubles.


The 60s were Queens of the Tie-Breakers!  Allyson Bolduc played 5 tie-breakers in 3 winning matches, Mary Mayotte played 4 tie-breakers in 2 winning matches and in both cases there were Match tie-breakers.  With noses glued to the window we watched the final match on the court, Molly Hahn and Lee Delfausse fight their way to a final Match tie-breaker win that put New England over the top. 


In the 70s Heidi Attlfellner and Sheila Weinstock won all their singles matches and Sheila and Judy Smith won both their doubles matches.  These were all won in 2 sets.


In addition to our seriously injured players the rest of us were ably attended to by our favorite travelling friend and physical therapist, Bernadette Lehnmann, who massaged our aches and pains and carefully wrapped us with kinesio tape. 


In Molly’s words:  “This New England win is a tribute to the depth, strength, determination and tremendous support of the entire team.”




Front row L to R:  Middle States referee Melissa Jackson presenting the Addie Cup to Molly Hahn, the New England captain, accompanied by congratulations from organizer and captain of the finalist Middle States team,  Pat Keleman.


Middle row L to R: Sheila Weinstock, Christine Chiminello, Nancy Grimes, Jean Osachuk, Judy Smith, Allyson Bolduc, Bernadette Lehman (NE trainer)


Back row L to R:  Ann Knoblock, Tina Smith, Sue Benoit, Michelle Wright, Aileen Eleey, Heidi Attlfellner, Johanna Bickford, Mary Mayotte, Lee Delfausse, Jeanne Hulsen