Concord CC 60s Tournament Again a Great Success!

Held July 18-20, 2008


 The presence of pickle juice was a sign of a hot weekend for the Concord CC 60s tournament (see picture). Pickle juice is used by some players to avoid cramping. The appearance of pickle jars with pickles intact but no juice is the clue that it is hot and someone in the tournament is using it to stave off the heat.

It was indeed hot -- in the low 90s with high humidity. It did not stop some great tennis, however.


Although not as large as last year, the men's singles draw was 23 and there were some terrific matches. In the finals, #1 seed Laury Hammel defeated #2 seed Paul Fein 6-3, 6-4 (unfortunately, the picture of these two did not come out, so we cannot show it to you -- sorry Laury and Paul). Alan Greenbaum even came back on Sunday to watch the final, which was delayed by a thunderstorm. Just after the match was over, the clouds opened up again with a downpour as the match was completed just in time before the weather took over.


The men's consolation singles was as big as some regular tournaments with 10 participants. Strickland Wheelock prevailed over Yoshi Akabane in the final.


The men's doubles draw was six and there were some lively matches with three of the five matches tough three setters. Ed Shein and Chum Steele prevailed in the final over Bob Tilley and Bruce Mahler 3-6, 6-3, 6-4. Bruce even brought his mother who is in a wheelchair to cheer him on!


The womens' draws were small -- only two in the singles and two teams in the doubles. In the singles, Dorcas Miller defeated a very improved Annabelle Ambrose 6-4, 6-2. In the doubles, regular national players Lee Delfausse from Concord NH and Allyson Bolduc from VT def Dorcas Miller and Arlene Deardorff 6-4, 6-0. Laury Hammel was watching the doubles and was commenting on how well the women played.


The mixed 45 draw was also limited to two teams and the team of Annabelle Ambrose and Tom Dowey def the local team of Charlie and Leslie Koch 7-5, 6-3.


All the draws can be accessed at


As is the custom, there was an informal party Saturday afternoon with beer, wine and snacks. With the heat, people could not wait to get to the cold beer!


It was another fun tournament at the Concord CC. Next year, this tournament will be expanded to include the 70s age group as well as 60s and the mixed doubles will be 65 rather than 45.


Relaxing with a cold beer and some eats

Watching the men's doubles final -- note Bruce Mahler's mother in the wheelchair cheering him on

Doubles winners Chum Steele and Ed Shein with finalists Bruce Mahler and Bob Tilley

Women's double winners Lee Delfausse and Allyson Bolduc with finalists Arlene Deardorff and Dorcas Miller

Women's singles winner Dorcas Miller with finalist Annabelle Ambrose


Men's consolation singles winner Strickland Wheelock with finalist Yoshi Akabane