Huge Upset at Chatham 60/65 Doubles Tournament


As in previous years, tournament director Jerry Whitlock ran a great tournament with a superb party at his house on Saturday night and a great hot buffet lunch for everyone on Saturday. As in the past, Jerry also set it up to guarantee three matches to each team. There were 12 teams in the draw in each age division


There was a big upset at the tournament. In the 60s, the #1 ranked team in NE in the current standings, Chum Steele and Ed Shein, was defeated in the semis by the unseeded New Jersey team of Scott Estes and Charlie Cerullo,  6-0, 6-3.  Estes and Cerullo went on to win the 60s defeating 4th seeds Bruce Mahler and Bob Tilley 6-4, 6-1 in the finals.


In the 60s “Reprieve Consolation”, newcomers to tournaments Butch Guliva and Joe Ryan defeated Joe Cummings and Jim Hobbs 6-2, 6-1.


The 60s division was plagued with injuries, however. The most serious was Tommie George who ended up writhing in pain on the court as he heard a “pop” in his shoulder. This shoulder has been a problem over the years and it has been worse this year forcing him to only play doubles. Now he is off to a surgeon’s knife. We all wish Tommie well for a full recovery soon.


In the 65s, TD/host Jerry Whitlock and partner Walter Beatty had a very good run defeating 2nd seeds Ray Brodeur and Ken Miller and 3rd seeds Bob Cantu and Peter McGee to get to the finals. In the finals, their great run ended, losing to 1st seeds Tom Diehl and Whitey Joslin 6-2, 7-5.


In the 65 doubles QF consolation final, the 2nd seeds of Brodeur and Miller defeated Art Graham and Jim McGovern 6-2, 6-3. In the 65 doubles SF consolation, the 3rd seeded team of Bob Cantu and Peter McGee was defeated by the Ohio team of Mike Hardesty and Phil Ludwig, 6-2, 6-3. In the “Reprieve” 65 doubles consolation, Anthony Pettinelli and Richard Skehan defeated Andrew Glutting and John Taylor 6-1, 6-1.


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Below are some pictures at the tournament and at the party.


The Party


Alan Brown, Ted Underwood, John Swan and Butch Guliva



Tom Diehl, Ken Miller, with interlopers Bob Dilworth and wife (Bob was not in the tournament but everyone was glad to see he and his wife -- he is a new 70 this year!)

Russ Sandblom and Jim McGovern



Walter Beatty giving a squeeze to Di Whitlock and Janet Cerullo

The Ohio duo of Mike Hardesty and Phil Ludwig with wives


60s doubles winner Charlie Cerullo with wife Janet


60s doubles winner Scott Estes with Bill White and wife


Ray Brodeur and Tommie George lounge on coach while George Ulrich schmoozes with the women

Rob Granger with Scott Estes and wife



At the Tournament


60s doubles finalists Bob Tilley and Bruce Mahler with winners Scott Estes and Charlie Cerullo


Tournament co-director Peter Nese hard at work

65 doubles finalists Walter Beatty and host Jerry Whitlock with winners Tom Diehl and Whitey Joslin

Bob Tilley shows off his forehand


The 60s wounded: Pat Rossetti with a sore knee and Tommie George with a bad shoulder

John Swan telling another story -- it must have been amazing based on the expression!

Alan Brown and John Swan on the deck

Tina and Bob Cantu watching some of the play

Al Tector, Richard Skehan, Anthony Pettinelli and Joe Ryan