New 90 year old New Englander Yutaka Kobayashi (Koby) Wins Three Gold Balls and One Silver Ball in May

Koby is a new 90 year old this year.  As they say, make hay when you’re the youngster in your age group.  Koby made hay big time!  He went to the West Coast, first to Vancouver, Washington to the 80, 85, 90 Indoor tournament at Club Green Meadow from May 12-17.  There, he defeated Ed Tyler from CA easily in the singles final.  He then teamed with Alan Woog to play doubles and they defeated Wally McGovern and Ed Tyler in three tough sets.  Koby then travelled to Laguna Woods, CA to play the 75, 80, 85, 90 Hard Court Championship Verne Hughes Memorial tournament from May 18-24.  There, he lost in 90 singles to 1st seed Bob Seymour in the finals in three tough sets to get a silver ball.  In doubles, he paired with Norman Walter and they won two matches in straight sets to win the gold ball (there were three teams that played round robin).

Great going Koby!


Alan Woog and Koby at National Indoor, Vancouver, WA with their gold balls