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New England Senior Slam Tournaments

We are excited to announce the seventh year of the highly successful New England Senior Slams Tournaments for senior players age groups 50-85 (the men's 90 age group has been deleted from the clay and grass Senior Slams in 2016 due to no participation the past few years).  The New England Senior Slams are a series of three USTA/NE sanctioned tournaments, modeled after the pro Grand Slams, and played on three different surfaces:  hard court, clay and grass.  There are gifts for all players and a party with food, drink and drawings for prizes at all the Slam tournaments for all players and their significant others. 

The 2012 hard court Senior Slam at Yale had the honor of being selected by the United States Tennis Association to become a National Category II Tournament for the age groups of 50, 60 and 70 men and women. In 2014, the hard court Senior Slam got USTA approval to add all NE 50 and over age groups including the new women's 75 age group as Category II national events. All age groups also count for NE rankings.  The women's 75 age group was also added in 2014 to the Clay Slam tournament at Beverly G&T and the Grass Slam at Pt. Judith CC (Newport in 2016).

The Grass Slam in 2016 returned to Newport.  There have been many upgrades there including more indoor courts available for backup in case of inclement weather.

The Clay Slam date at Beverly G&T is now the third week of August to reduce conflict with USTA League playoffs. The Clay Slam at Concord CC remains the second week of August.  Additionally, the men's age groups 80 and 85 have now been moved to the Concord CC.

The 2016 date for the Hard Court Slam at Yale is Thursday, June 2 to Sunday, June 5. The dates for the Clay Slams are Thursday, August 18 to Sunday, August 21 for Beverly and Thursday, August 11 to Sunday, August 14 for Concord CC and the date for the Grass Slam is Thursday, September 8 to Sunday, September 11.


The NE Senior Slams have been a great success in the six years of its existence (2016 is the 7th year). You can read about each of them by clicking on the "Breaking News" link on the left of this page where you can find the stories.


To provide all of these amenities and more, we are seeking sponsors. There are different levels of sponsorship; if you know of an organization or individuals who might be interested, contact Ken Miller at or call him at 978-369-3045.


Below is a description of the Slam venues. These are some of the best in New England.


Yale - hard court



The new Cullman-Heyman Indoor Tennis Center at Yale


The Yale Tennis Center, aka Connecticut Tennis Center, is home to the Connecticut Open pro Tennis Tournament, held just before the US Open. There are 22 cushioned hard courts outside. This is where the hard court Slam is played. The above picture shows the eight court Cullman-Heyman Tennis Center which opened in 2008 and received a USTA award in 2009 as the outstanding tennis facility in New England. This indoor facility is used for indoor backup for the hard court NE Senior Slam tournament. The Yale Hard Court Senior Slam was selected as Adult Tournament of the Year for 2010!


The Yale Hard Court Category II National NE Senior Slam tournament can be accessed here.


Concord Country Club & Beverly Golf and Tennis Club - clay court


Concord CC Tennis & Pool Clubhouse - picture from a previous tournament

The Concord Country Club was founded in 1895 as the Concord Golf Club. It moved to its current location in 1913 when it bought the Brown Farm and also changed its name to the Concord Country Club as it added other sports facilities including tennis. The original barn became the current clubhouse. Various improvements have been made over the years. The most recent upgrade (2005) created a new pool, increased the number of clay tennis courts to eight and added a clubhouse catering to both users of the pool and the tennis facilities.  The Concord Country Club has been host to sanctioned Sectional USTA/NE tournaments for many years in the 50s, 60s and 70s age groups that have garnered some of the largest senior draws in New England. The Concord CC was chosen as adult tournament of the year for 2009 by USTA/NE. The previous 50s sectional has become the clay Slam for the men's age groups 50 and 55 and the women's 50 age group and new for 2016, the men's 80 & 85.

The Concord CC Clay Senior Slam tournament can be accessed here.

Beverly Golf and Tennis Clubhouse

The Beverly Golf and Tennis Club was built in 1910 by the United Shoe Machinery Corporation which at that time was the largest employer in Beverly and one of the world's leading manufacturers of shoemaking equipment. The club was a social and recreational facility for the United Shoe employees.

United Shoe employees used the facilities until 1971 when the Clubhouse and surrounding 300 acres were sold to a private developer. In 1978, the city of Beverly purchased the Clubhouse and 168 acres that the city continued to use as a golf course. The developer retained the additional 132 acres for housing and conservation. In November, 1982, the city's nomination of the Clubhouse for listing in the National Register was approved and it was also included in the Massachusetts State Register of Historic Places.

There are today ten clay courts and the tennis facilities are managed by the Bass River Tennis Club. Many very successful sanctioned senior tennis tournaments are held at Beverly Golf and Tennis Club hence its selection to be the site of one of the clay NE Senior Slams. The age groups for the Beverly Clay Slam are 60, 65, 70, and 75 for men and 60, 70 and 75 for women.

The golf course is public so for those interested, it can be arranged to play golf. A player or significant other/friend should bring their clubs if they are interested in playing golf.

The Beverly Clay Senior Slam tournament can be accessed here.




International Tennis Hall of Fame at Newport - grass court


Visitors to the Newport Casino (shown in picture on left) are transported back to 1880 when visiting the International  Tennis Hall of Fame. Once on the grounds, the horseshoe piazza, clock tower, intimate stadium with grass courts, and the Victorian architecture charm the visitor.

From1881-1915, the Casino hosted the first U. S. National Lawn Tennis Championships. At that time, the championships consisted of only men's singles and doubles. This tournament today is the U. S. Open and is held in Flushing Meadow, N. Y.

The International Tennis Hall of Fame at this site was conceived by then Casino president James Van Allen, the founder of the modern tiebreaker. The museum is the world's largest tennis museum and owns the world's largest collection of tennis memorabilia. All tournament players will receive free passes to the museum and significant others/friends of players will receive discounts.

Newport is a good holiday destination and the Grass Slam week is a good opportunity to combine the tournament with a holiday.

The Newport Grass Senior Slam Tournament can be accessed here.

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