Newport Ceremony for #1 Ranked Players in NE in 2011


On Tues, July 10, the annual ceremony to honor the #1 ranked players from the previous years is held between the 2nd and 3rd matches of the day at the Newport Hall of Fame pro tournament. Below are some of the pictures from this year’s crop of winners.



Chris Holmes #1 45 singles for 2011




Marikate Murren, Exec. Dir., USTA/NE shaking hands with Rich Wilson, #1 in 50 doubles with partner Mark Leuders. Gary Pina, President of USTA/NE BOD is between Rich and Mark


Heather Anastos, Dir. of Competitive Tennis, USTA/NE congratulates Dorcas Miller, #1 in womens 60 singles for 2011.




Ruby Curtis and Carolyn Fournier, #1 in womens 60 doubles for 2011 and the first "Triple Slam" winners. They got etched bowls for winning the Triple Slam



Another amazing achievement: George Deptula (2nd from right) was a three time #1 50 doubles winner in 2011 with three different partners -- Jon Wilson, Paul Shaw and to the right, Laurie Hammel. All three teams were tied for 1st.


Ann Murphy, women's 70 doubles winner for 2011




Bob Dilworth, #1 70 doubles winner with Roy Anderson


Marikate Murren with #1 90 singles player Irving Levine