The Ken Rickson Memorial Senior Championships at Quincy Tennis Club


While Rafa was steamrolling his way through the field on his way to ďLa DecimaĒ on the red clay courts of Rolland-Garros, the super seniors of New England were dueling one another on the red clay courts of the Quincy Tennis Club at the Ken Rickson Memorial Senior Championships. In spite of the matches being delayed for a full day by rain, the tournament went forward without a hitch.The seedings proved to be accurate in predicting the final pairings.


There was also a nice amenity; lunch for all players on Friday noon!


65 Singles.First round matches found Elliot Shapiro defeating Jerry Cristoforo (6-0 6-2), Fran McGuirk besting Kevin Hunt 6-2 6-3 and #2 seed Jay Lubker fighting off Tom Hastings in a long match 6-4 6-2.In the semiís #1 seed Jon Wilson beat Shapiro 6-2 6-3 and McGuirk was leading against #2 seed Jay Lubker 6-1 when a hamstring injury forced his retirement.With #1 seed playing #2 in the finals Wilson won over Lubker 6-2 6-3.


65 Doubles.†† Only 3 entries meant a round robin contest.Tom Hastings and Fran McGuirk won defeating Phil Murphy and Rich Griffin 6-1 6-4 and Steve Lydon and Charlie St Jean 7-6 6-4.



Menís 65 singles winner with Club President Jim Rougvie and men's 65 singles finalist Jay Lubker


Club President Jim Rougvie with men's 65 doubles finalists Charlie St. Jean and Steve Lydon with men's 65 doubles winner Tom Hastings (partner Fran McGuirk had to leave quickly after the match so no picture of him).



70 Singles.In the 1st round Yoshi Akabane had a straight set win over Bill Norton in a closely contested contest 6-2 6-4.Rob Trowbridge came through over Alan Greenbaum6-4 7-5, while Bill Litwin rolled over Allan Gardner 6-1 6-0 . In the semiís Litwin bested Trowbridge 6-0 6-2 and #1 seed Gary Chafetz defeated Yoshi 6-0 7-5. The final was a real battle with #2 seed Litwin defending his title with a 6-4 7-6 win over #1 seed Chafetz.


The consolation final was a very long match with Greenbaum besting Gardner 6-4 7-6.


70 Doubles.Again the seedings accurately predicted the finals.#2 seeds John Swan and Bob McAfee cruised to the finals with a win over Allan Gardner and Bill Norton 6-2 6-0.In the other half of the draw, the first round found the tightest match of the tournament.†† Pat Rosetti and Butch Gulizia rallied after losing the first set, winning over Joe Ryan and Paul Ajemian 5-7 6-3 6-3 in a nail biter.Then #1 seeds Ted Underwood and Bill Litwin made their way to the finals, with a narrow escape in the second set, over Rosetti and Gulizia 6-2 7-5.The final was another tight match.Litwin/Underwood won over Swan/McAfee 6-4 7-5.



Club President Jim Rougvie with men's 70 singles finalist Gary Chafetz and 70 singles winner Bill Litwin


Mens 70 doubles finalist Bob McAfee, 70 doubles winner Ted Underwood, Club President Jim Rougvie, 70 doubles winner Bill Litwin and 70 doubles finalist John Swan


Overall everyone agreed it was a fun event!