New England Womenís Friendship Cup Team Wins Again This Year!

By Lynn Miller

The 2014 Friendship Cup took place June 14th and 15th in Canada at Mt. Tremblant. The USTA/New England womenís team was represented by those in the photo:   

Front Row: Captain Gail Smith, Kate Rhodes, Heidi Willowby, Sue Kimball, Pam Wolf, Amy de Groot, Jeannie Hulson,

Back Row: Lynn Miller, Sue Benoit, Bessie Speers, Yvette Kruger, Eszter Chase, Kristin Hartley, Carolyn Fournier.


Each player competed in one match of singles on Saturday and one match of doubles on Sunday on clay.  Since the Canadians did not have players available to play in all age groups, some divisions (like the 65s) did not compete, so several of the US players were playing down in younger age groups (and still managed to win their matches!).  The US was up 8-6 after singles and racked up many more wins in doubles on Sunday, making the final team score 13-8 and holding on to the Friendship Cup for yet another year!

Even though we had a late start on Saturday due to the rain they had earlier in the week, Mt. Tremblant was a beautiful venue for the Friendship Cup and the comraderie was wonderful between the two teams.  Next year, the 2015 Friendship Cup will be back in the US.