2014 NE Women’s 45/65/75/80 Intersectional Teams Results

Highlight of the Womens Intersectional Cup team results held in San Antonio, Texas in early November is the 65 team won the cup, only the 2nd time a New England team has won.  The first time was the 45 team in 2000 consisting of Molly Hahn (captain), Sato Awano, Brenda Schafer, and Jan Bickford.

The weather was cold, typically in the 30s and 40s!

On to all the team results.

45 New England Team Results

New England lost to Northern California 5-0

New England defeated Pacific Northwest 4-1

New England defeated Northern 3-1 (last match NE ahead 7-6 (8 game pro set) suspended due to rain. All matches were played with an abbreviated format due to rain.

Playoff for 5-6 (out of 10 USTA sections) was cancelled due to rain.

L-R Co-captain Kristin Fusco, Co-captain Aileen Eleey, Sue Benoit, Yvette Kruger, and Nancy Grimes

65 New England Team Results

New England received a bye as it was seeded #2

New England defeated Mid-Atlantic 5-0

New England defeated 4th seed Southern 4-1 in the semifinals.

New England defeated 3rd seed Northern California 4-1 in the finals to win the Cup!

L-R Lee Delfausse, Sheila Weinstock, Judy Dixon, Captain Molly Hahn, Pam Simons, and Bernadette Lehmann (assistant)

The 65 champion team with their awards (except Judy Dixon who had to leave immediately following play)

The champion 65 team just after winning the finals -- you can tell it is cold!!

75 New England Team Results

New England lost to 2nd seed Florida 3-0

New England defeated Northern California 3-0

New England lost to Texas 2-1

New England defeated Midwest 2-1 and ended up 7th out of 10 USTA Sections.

L-R Jessie von Hippel (Captain), Judy Smith, Esther Williams, Sue Doyle, and Ann Murphy

80 New England Team Results

New England had a bye

New England defeated Middle States 2-1

New England lost to 1st seed Texas 2-1.  Carla Rolde and Mercy Wheeler won at #1 doubles in three sets for a great win against the first seeds.

New England defeated Southwest in the ¾ playoff 2-1 to take 3rd out of 9 USTA Sections participating.

L-R Carol Jaffe, Mercy Wheeler, Sally Utiger (Captain) and Carla Rolde

Congrats to all of the teams!