Walter Rapp -- 2010

by Brad Blanchard


The Walter E. Rapp Senior Jubilee, played July 29 thru August 1, 2010 at the Hartford Tennis Club in West Hartford, CT  was blessed with sun and low humidity throughout. Some 70 fellows played singles and doubles in the 55ís, 65ís, 70ís, 75ís, and 80ís, and shared not only great tennis but good food, drink, and camaraderie.


In 55 doubles, Fort served heat at 120mph, and Hutnick played steady as they overcame Campbell and OíNeill. Ewen bested Wheelock in 65 singles. 70 singles saw Ourusoff win a tight semi over Hyde, 6-4 in the third. He then beat Cassella 6-4 in the third in the finals, overcoming a double break at 4-1. Nice going! Anderson and Dilworth showed top-ranked form in beating Brodeur and Miller in 70 doubles. Schmitz, in 75 singles, bested old friend George Boyce, with Uthgenant and Schmid solidifying a chance for another top ranking in 75 doubles by downing Morris and Reis. Sears and ageless Kobayashi fought it out in 80 singles with Sears prevailing. They then paired in 80 doubles but lost to an excellent new team of Smith and Shoemaker. The finest matches were played in 55 singles. Kliebhan ousted Frost in a special three setter. In a spectacular final Frame outlasted Kliebhan. These guys can really play!


Thanks go to our head Pro, Ben Bishop, and to all his staff including head Groundskeeper Joe Martin. A job well done.


Loyal fan award goes to Ann Murphy, New England tennis hall of famer, who was there every day.


Finally, Hartford Tennis Club thanks USTA/NE for the opportunity to host this Senior tournament so that we might give something back to the game we all love so much.


55 singles finalist Michael Kliebhan and winner Wade Frame

65 singles finalist Strickland Wheelock and winner Bill Ewen

70 singles finalist Bruce Cassella and winner Nick Orusoff

Brad Blanchard with 70 doubles finalists Ray Brodeur and Ken Miller and winners Roy Anderson and Bob Dilworth

75 singles finalist George Boyce and winner Bob Schmitz with Brad Blanchard

75 doubles winners Bill Schmid and Ernie Uthgenannt with finalists Charles Morris and Peter Reiss

80s singles winner Marvin Sears with finalist Yutaka Kobayashi

80 doubles winners Gerald Smith and Bix Shoemaker with finalists Yutaka Kobayashi and Marvin Sears


See you next year!


Brad Blanchard, MD

Chair, Rapp Committee