New England Women Compete in Intersectionals in San Antonio, TX

November, 2008


New England women competed in the 35, 45, 55, 65 and 75 age divisions in San Antonio this November. Intersectional teams play teams from other sections throughout the country and results count towards national rankings.


In the 55s, captain Molly Hahn led her team to a third place finish. Allyson Bolduc and Judy Dixon thrilled the crowd with their exciting three set doubles win over Mid-Atlantic to determine the outcome.


The unseeded New England 65 team had a disappointing first round loss to Mid-Atlantic, but captain Sheila Weinstock let the team to wins in their remaining matches against Florida, Pacific Northwest and Missouri Valley.


The New England 75s had a new member, Carla Rolde from York, Maine. Captain Carol Jaffe and Carla played well in their singles matches, leading the team to a fourth place finish.


The 35 and 45 teams both registered a split decision of two wins and two losses. The 35s were led by co-captains Michelle Wright and Amy Read. The 45s were led by captain Jean Osachuk.


Everyone enjoyed their evenings along the River Walk after a long day of tennis so there was extra curricular fun as well.

The Intersectional event was extremely well run by Larry Eichenbaum, with plenty of practice courts, well scheduled matches, and great Texas hospitality.

See pictures below. No pictures available for the 35, 45 or 75 teams.

The 55 team: Lee Delfausse, Norma Taylor, Allyson Bolduc, Judy Dixon and Captain

Molly Hahn

The 65 team: Dorcas Miller, Captain Sheila Weinstock, Arlene Deardorff, Jessie

von Hippel. and Judy Smith

The 55 and 65 team members enjoy a boat ride on the river

Molly Hahn and Sheila Weinstock show off their Texas hats