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New England Senior Rankings/Standings


New England rankings and standings in 2016 are determined by the points per round system adopted in 2014. This is similar to the national ranking system and that of many other sections. A complete updated description of this new system can be found here.. Standing and rankings can be found here.  Just fill in what you are interested in to get what you want.

A ranking is based on a calendar year's worth of play and are usually finalized a couple of months after the year ends. A standing 12 month interim "ranking" based on the last 12 months of play in that age group. Standings are very useful in determining seeds in tournaments.

After you get a a particular search result, to try a different one, click on the "Search Again" link in small letters to the right of "Search Results" in large letters. USTA updated their web pages a couple of years ago so that hitting the back button on your browser usually brings you to a beginning page rather than the last one you were on.

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